Treebird is a Pleroma frontend that is lightweight, efficient, and true to the web. It's written in C with FCGI making it simple and fast to work with and deploy. It is very tight to the philosophy of how the internet has always worked; Javascript provides extra sugar (or scripting) to improve the experience but not a requirement, while still being simple enough that anyone can use it.

Treebird was created in response to PleromaFE performance issues and ironically a lack of PleromaAPI backend support. Treebird resembles GNU Social in appearance by default, but keeps the familiarity that many are used to of PleromaFE.

Treebird was created by Nekobit, who created mastodont-c, a library that can communicate with Revolver's, Pleroma's, and Mastodon's REST APIs.

Other contributors

Treebird is licensed in AGPLv3, and mastodont-c is LGPLv3 licensed. Other licenses apply to libraries as well. View the AGPLv3 license here.

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